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Hair Removal

Brazilian Sugar


100% all natural form of hair removal! Less painful & less irritating than traditional wax. Great for sensitive skin including diabetics, varicose veins, moles, psoriasis and eczema. All of the hair is removed for this service

Brow Wax

15 minutes • $20

Brow shaping, cleanup, tweezing & trimming

Chin Wax/Sugar

10 minutes • $15

Hair removal on the chin area

Full Leg Wax

30 minutes • $55

Full leg hair removal

Bikini Wax/Sugar


Insert general bikini wax information here.

Lip Wax

10 minutes • $15

Hair removal on the upper lip. Request high frequency for the prevention of breakouts

Underarm Wax/Sugar

30 minutes • $20

Hair removed from the underarm area

Half Leg Wax

30 minutes • $40

Hair removed up to the knee

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