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Quantum healing is a holistic approach to wellness that uses bio technology to measure and analyze the body's energy fields. By identifying imbalances and blockages, practitioners can help clients restore balance and promote healing on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. This non-invasive therapy is gaining popularity as a complementary treatment for a wide range of health conditions. 

Quantum healing focuses on identifying and correcting energy imbalances using specific frequencies, such as sound waves and electromagnetic waves, to restore balance and enhance vitality.

On a daily basis, there are multiple factors that can throw you off balance.  According to quantum healing, the quickest way to get back to your center is to address underlying energetic imbalances in your body.  

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Our Healing Devices

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration"


Oberon Biofeedback

The Atoms inside every organ, tissue and cell in your body rotates.  That rotation creates a distinct frequency which can be measured using biofeedback.  The brain sends signals to the body using the nervous system.  Biofeedback can detect the signals being sent and interpret the frequencies


Rife Machine

Rife frequency is a type of alternative therapy that uses sound waves to treat various health conditions. It is believed that these frequencies can help to kill harmful bacteria and viruses in the body as well as promote healing and relaxation



The light stimulation of the PhotonWave helps relax the optic nerve and opens it up to receive light into the brain.  It also helps to re-balance the hormones and nervous system thus giving new messages to the body.  There are no side-effects because the body recognizes the healthy frequencies and integrates what it need


AO Scan

AO Scan is a cutting-edge technology that uses a non-invasive scanning device to analyze the body's energy field and provide a comprehensive report on the state of the body's health. It can detect imbalances and potential health issues before they become a problem, allowing early intervention and prevention.

Live Blood Anaylis

Dark Field Microscope testing for live blood cell analysis offered by a nurse practioner.  This advanced technology allows her to examine blood samples, from a simple finger prick, in real-time, providing a more accurate and detailed picture of a patient's overall health.  The live blood cell analysis is not a diagnostic test, rather it's an educational tool used to show the difference following frequency treatments.  DarkField Microscopy allows blood to be evaluated functionally to asses signs of degeneration, certain nutritional deficiencies, overfall cell health, hydration status, liver function, toxins, excess fat circulation, presence of bacteria or parasites, and many other health markers to help identify underlying conditions before they become serious.

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